A Friend In Need Story

A Friend In Need Story

A Friend In Need

There was a hare who was kind hearted. He used to help other animals in his fullest capacity. All animals praised the hare.

Once, the hare himself got in to trouble. While he was searching for some carrots, a pack of hounds fell upon him. He started running. The hounds started chasing.

The hare ran with full speed. After a long running, the Hare found that the hounds were still on his heels. He ran as fast as he could and hid himself in a thicket.

He saw a horse passing that way. He asked the horse to help him. The horse said, “I would very much like to help you, But I have an urgent work to do”, and left away.

Just then, a bull came. The hare asked for the bull’s help. The bull said, ” I would like very much to help you, But, my family is awaiting me at the pasture “and he too left off .

Many animals came that way. But, each one had reason for not being able to help the poor hare.

The hare thought, “When I was able I helped all these animals. But, Now that I am trouble no one is coming forward to help me”.

At that time an eagle flew that way. The hare asked the eagle, “Please carry me to a far off place. A pack of hounds is chasing me”. The eagle at once, picked up the hare and dropped him far away from that place.


A Friend In Need Story in English