Bahuda Rath Yatra 2024 Date

Bahuda Rath Yatra 2024 Date

 This year, Bahuda Yatra 2024 will be Celebrated on July 15 Monday.

After a nine-day long annual sojourn in Gundicha Temple, the Holy Trinity- Lord Balabhadra, Devi Subhadra and Lord Jagannath will return to their abode Srimandir It is an important part of Ratha Yatra and is the reverse process of the world-famous festival. There are many rituals involved in Bahuda Jatra. Mangal Aarti takes place at around 4 am as the first ritual. After that, the priests perform Tadap Lagi and Rosa Homa.
After a special ritual named Chhera Panhara performed by the Puri king, the chariots are pulled by the devotees back to the main temple-Srimandir. Odissi and Gotipua dancers perform to the tune of devotional music in front of the chariots. Similarly, martial artists perform ‘banati’, a traditional martial art in front of the deities.

It is considered auspicious to get a glimpse of the deities on their chariots. The return journey of Lord Jagannath (Bahuda Jatra) follows the same protocol and schedule as is found during the Ratha Yatra.

During the return journey, the three chariots stop for a while at the Mausima Temple, also known as Ardhasani Temple. This temple is dedicated to the aunt of Lord Jagannath. On the returning day from Gundicha temple, the three deities are offered ‘Poda Pitha’ (a special sweet made of rice, coconut, lentils, and jaggery) and after that, they start their journey.


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