Bhubaneswar to Puri Mo Bus Timetable

Bhubaneswar to Puri Mo Bus Timetable

Route 50 
Route 70

CRUT said two non-AC buses will ply on both routes four times in a day initially considering the prevalent situation. “We will add more buses and increase frequency over a period of time. Regular service will start from Monday,” he said.

The Puri-bound bus on Route no. 50 and Konark-bound bus on Route no. 70 will leave from Bhubaneswar Railway Station. Maximum fare for Route 50 will be Rs 70 and for Route 70, it will be Rs 60. The QR code payment option is available on these routes, Bothra said.

Type of Bus PassNAC ServicesAC Services
Bhubaneswar Pass: Daily (valid for a Single Day)40.0060.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)80.00120.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 days)160.00240.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)550.00750.00
Bhubaneswar Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)1500.002100.00
Magic Pass: Daily (valid for a Single Day)80.00120.00
Magic Pass: Three Days (valid for 3 days)160.00240.00
Magic Pass: Weekly (valid for 7 days)320.00480.00
Magic Pass: Monthly (valid for 30 days)1100.001500.00
Magic Pass: Quarterly (valid for 90 days)3000.004200.00


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