Dola Purnima 2024 date

Dola Purnima 2024 date

Dola Purnima is considered to be the most important festival of the year.
This festival is observed on the month of Falguna. Dola Purnima’ festival is being celebrated across  Odisha on Monday, 25 March 2024


About of Dola purnima

The beautifully decorated ‘Vimans’, carrying the idols of Radha and Krishna are seen taking rounds of villages across the State. Amid the beating of cymbals and gongs in unison and firecrackers, the ‘Vimans’ are then brought to the Melana ground at various places much to the delight of thousands of devotees.

Dola Purnima is a popular festival in the State which is observed on the full-moon day in the month of Phalguna (March). This festival marks the end of the six-day swing festival of Radha and Lord Krishna.
Holy Trinity Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra and Goddess Subhadra will be decked up in the very popular ‘Rajadhiraja’ or ‘Suna Besha’ at Srimandir in Puri to mark the holy festival
Lord Jagannath is worshipped as ‘Dola Gobinda’ along with Shridevi and Bhudevi on ‘Dolabedi’ during the festival. The deities are carried to Dolabedi in procession with a palanquin by thousands of devotees following ‘Sakala Dhupa’ ritual at Srimandir. It is believed that the deities play ‘Phagu’ (colours) with the devotees and the servitors on this day.