Ratha Yatra 2024

Ratha Yatra 2024

This year, Ratha Yatra 2024 will be Celebrated on July 07 Sunday.

Lord Jagannath and his siblings Lord Balabhadra and Devi Subhadra were taken out in a spectacular procession to their respective chariots stationed in front of the Singhadwar.


The procession, known as the Pahandi Bije of the deities, is one of the most significant rituals of the Ratha yatra. Lakhs of devotees were eagerly waiting to have a glimpse of the rare ritual of the trinity.

This ritual on the day of Ratha Jatra is called Dhadi Pahandi which means the deities are carried in a grand procession from the sanctum sanctorum of the Srimandir. It is called Dhadi Pahandi because the deities are taken one after another in close succession amid beating of gongs, cymbals and blowing of conches by a special group of servitors. It is truly a rare sacred sight to behold.

The Pahandi Bije ritual began as per the scheduled time with Lord Sudarshan, the main weapon of Lord Vishnu-an incarnation of Jagannath being taken in a ceremonial procession. After the Pahandi of Sudarshan, Lord Balabhadra was taken out in a similar manner followed by sister Devi Subhadra and younger brother, the Lord Of the Universe, Lord Jagannath.The processions are marked by the rhythmic swaying of Tahiya (traditional headgear) of the deities, which looks amazing.

Prior to Pahandi, morning rituals like Arati, Avakasha, Rosa homa (puja in the temple kitchen), Surya and Dwarapala Puja, Sakala Dhupa (cooked food offering), Mangal Arpana were concluded inside the temple.

Odisha, the land of diverse cultural heritage, celebrates numerous religious festivals round the year, which are typical to the particular region. The festivities are usually vibrant, marked by colourful processions, huge gatherings, and the entire region revels in a festive atmosphere. We list down a few popular festivals of Odisha.

Ratha Yatra When the Lord comes out to meet his devotees

This is an annual chariot festival of Lord Jagannath and his siblings, and is the biggest festival celebrated in the state, in terms of footfalls and following. The festival falls on the second day in bright fortnight of Aashaadha month, during June/July. RathaYatra is a symbol of universal brotherhood, in the sense that the Lord comes out in the streets to meet with people of all caste, creed and communities.

The CheraPahara ritual (sweeping the chariots of the Lord) conveys a strong social message that whether you are a king or a humble devotee – but for the Lord you are all equal.

The king or Gajapati, as he is known in Odisha, sweeps the chariots of the deities.

Construction of the chariots coincides with the start of the auspicious day of Akshaya Trutiya  the start of the new agricultural season.

The annual Ratha Yatra attracts millions of devotees from across the world, and gives a glimpse of the cult of Lord Jagannath.

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