The fox and the Hare Story

The fox and the Hare Story

A hare was staring at a fox in admiration. The fox asked, “What are you starting at? ”

The hare said in an anxious voice, “I was wondering about you”.

The fox asked, “What is the wonder with me? “The hare said “Are you really as cunning as people say?”

The fox looked at the hare with a thoughtful look and replied after some silent moments, “Well! Why don’t you do one thing? Come to night and join me for dinner. We shall discuss the matter”.

The hare went to the fox’s house at night. On the dining table were laid plates and bowls. But there was no food at all. The hare thought, “Oho! What a fool I am! The fox has planned to eat me,” and he ran away.


"The fox and the Hare Story"